There are many words that define who I am. Some of those words are military  wife, mother, and student. One word that has been with me for the last two and a half years in particular is stressed.

Why is it I associate stress as describing the last two and a half years you ask? Well, that is when my husband signed the proverbial “dotted line” and rejoined the military. I had never experienced military life before and I did not know exactly what to expect. In the beginning my husband’s contract took him into training four long consecutive months; that was the onset of my new and tumultuous lifestyle. Since that time we have relocated here to Washington and I found myself in new geographic territory. While in Washington we have had many challenges come our way which have included long periods of time apart (due to his obligations to our nation), family health issues, and the regular (and seemingly inescapable) life situations.

So with all of that said, you can see how I have been stressed. This constant stress eventually began manifesting itself in various physical and emotional ways; I found myself in constant pain all down my neck, back, and legs. I was irritable a majority of the time, and I felt as if my joy for life had been placed in a box and tucked tightly on a closet shelf.

I first met Dr. Anderson at the Sound to Narrows 5k walk/run in 2009. My daughter and I had just finished our jog and were visiting the different booths set up for the event. When I sat in the chair for my screening I felt hope. I had other chiropractic experiences and have lived under the care of a Chiropractor but it was something of value to me to observe the care Dr. Anderson took when examining my spine.

After seeking care for my back pain from Dr. Anderson I have found many aspects in my life beginning to be adjusted. My pain level began as a constant issue and I can say now I can sit down for longer periods of time, and I can even drive where I need to go without sharp sciatic pains running down my leg.

I feel as if Dr. Anderson has helped me find my joy again by providing me with great chiropractic care. I have begun to feel less stressed and irritable and now that I am not in constant pain I have been able to focus more clearly on enjoying the positive things in my life.

I am truly grateful I made the choice to participate in the Sound to Narrows, to sit in Dr. Anderson’s screening chair, and to follow through with getting my regular adjustments. Thank you Dr. Anderson, Danica, and Alisa! I am so happy to be a part of the family.


Misty Villarreal