Sophie had her first Asthma attack at 9 months old and was rushed to the emergency room. She was sent home with a “nebulizer” (a device that plugs into the wall to create a medicated steam that the tiny patient breaths in to relax the airways in the lungs.) We used this to settle down attacks between 2-4 times per month. Notice the past tense, used. Sophie was 5 when she started getting adjusted in the office, now she is 6 and she has only used the nebulizer once since starting care. The most trying times are in the fall and winter when many children share colds and flu’s. This winter Sophie didn’t get as severe a cold as she usually does and didn’t need the help of a machine at all. I think we will keep her for a little while (she is pretty cute too).

Written by her mom, Shari

(PS: That picture is blurry because she is hopping!)