When I came to Dr. Anderson, I had lower back pain and shoulder pain!

In the past when I did have very bad pain, I went to see Doctors and went to the ER a few times.  NO HELP!  The way I went in was the way I came out.

I went to a wellness festival, not expecting much, and met Dr. Anderson himself!  I did not think it would help, and I gave it a try anyway.  I’m so glad that I did, boy was I wrong.  I feel much better now!

On the first visit, he gave me a diagnosis that I could live with, and proved that I could not live with OUT chiropractic.  The first visit was very eye opening!

No real hobbies, I just work most of the time.  When I retire, I plan to do some traveling!

I do not have the upper back pain and my back does not “go out” as it did before, this is GREAT!

If you have problems you’re your nerves, you should see Dr. Anderson!  He is the only one who helped me.

Delma Gantt, Tacoma