From 19-20 I worked as a vendor for Lowes, I had 72 home décor lines including 100lb 9×12 wool rugs, and 115 lb furniture boxes. For months I lugged around these things, until one day my body said enough. For 6-8 months I couldn’t move, sleep, sit, stand or function. In the course of 3 years I went to over 20 specialists, had full bloodwork ups, CT scans, bone scans, nerve testing, MRI’s, PT, occupational therapy and everything else under the sun. Everyone said we can’t find anything wrong…

My life was pain from the second I woke up until I went to sleep. Daily dehabilitating migraines, light sensitivity, burning, aching, stabbing pain into my legs, swelling in my ankles, and intense pain all through out my shoulders down through my entire back.

ONe FINE DAY I CAME TO Dr. Anderson’s office and began working as his Chiropractic Assistant. He did the full work up, along with x-rays. Imagine my relief when after 4 years of searching for answers I had an explanation for my body being a wreck. We saw bone spurs on my x-rays and imagine where my main problem areas and subluxations were…my atlas or c1 had the nerve supply cut off which controls the blood supply to the brain ie explanation for my migraines. And wowwee my l5 which directly relates to poor circulation, leg cramps, swollen ankles and all I had been going through, as well as a few other subluxated areas. So you see I wan’t a loon, there is an explanation, my nerve supply was being choked out for the past few years.

So from now until the day I go to the grave I will faithfully get adjusted; not only because getting adjusted literally brought me back to life but I want my nerve supply to be operating at peak capacity, and the only way for me to accomplish that is to continue to get adjusted. My migraines are nearly a thing of the past, the horrific pain in the legs rarely comes back, now I’ve been the healthiest of my life and ‘express my health’ (or get sick) so infrequently I can’t remember the last time I saw an MD, ok like a year ago. This is the best relief from stress, and can help with any ailments because EVERYTHING is directly linked to your central nervous system, and if you don’t have proper nerve supply guess what your going to have a broad spectrum of issues that can only be helped by your nerve supply flowing as it should… Everyone can benefit in so many ways from Chiropractic care from infants to grandparent and all in between whether you have symptoms or not.

Siera H., Puyallup