I have had problems with my back and neck since I was a kid. When my lower back pain became severe, I looked for help in Dr. Anderson’s office.

Over the years, I had several colonoscopies, 3 to 5 years apart. My medical doctor thought that this could be the problem with my lower back. They found polyps, but none malignant and as they treated those, I still suffered lower back pain.

At the perfect time, I received info on an open house and a discounted visit in Dr. Anderson’s office. (Patient appreciation day, turns out is a free day every January.)

In general, I’ve always considered myself very healthy, so when Dr. Anderson showed me how bad my x-rays were, I was amazed at how bad my back had gotten.

My favorite things include: scrapbooking, reading, working puzzles, sewing and family! I really hadn’t noticed how much these things were affected by my pain, until I started feeling better!

I love this office! My lower back pain was in check almost immediately. My neck is working much better, although with the nature of my work, preparing taxes, I will always put a lot of stress on my neck, so I get checked every week.

I’ve seen multiple people in my life resist the idea of being helped through chiropractic, I’m living testimony to the power of this care. Now I’m onto wellness care and I’ll use Dr. Anderson to stay well and really live my life and retirement (if that day ever comesJ)

Judy Hanson