Webster’s Dictionary’s Definition of a Doctor is “a person licensed to practice any of the healing arts” and I have to tell you I thought that was the farthest from the truth until I met Dr. Anderson.

Let’s travel back in time a bit to Kansas City, April 1996. I had just suffered a horrific auto accident and at the time felt the “twitch” in my lower back would be fine. But the more it hurt and the more and more “doctors” I visited all had the same answer: prescription painkillers.

Believe me I’m no fan of walking around feeling like one of those zombies you see in those cheap “B” movies. Fast forward to the chance meeting of doctor and future “for life” patient at the Morgan Family YMCA and all the planets seemed to finally align in the heavens. I knew from the first time I met this smiling, ENERGETIC, POSITIVE, CARING human being, things would be fine.

I know my prognosis will take time before I’m healed and all I can say to Dr. Anderson, Sierra and the staff at his office is THANK YOU from my heart, my wife, and my two darling daughters especially to Sierra for her patience and loving care they receive while I’m there being adjusted.

Dr. Anderson’s care and outlook for his patients I have never, ever encountered anywhere else.

I just thank you for having the devotion you do and for putting up with me!


Robert C. Buchanan