Hi, my name is Pete and my biggest symptom is sciatic pain when I sit, the radiating pain goes into my left buttock. Pain also travels into both feet when I over do it with exercise, lifting, or working in the yard.

This all started when I hurt my back a long time ago. I had lower back surgery years ago to relieve the pain in my back and legs. After the surgery was relatively successful, I knew there was more to my health than just that surgery, so I found a chiropractor. I had seen a chiropractor in Gig Harbor and I’d been meaning to find one closer to home. That’s when I met Dr. Anderson at the Fourth of July Freedom Fair 2007! Perfect timing!

Dr. Anderson did a complete “work-up” with me and found that my spine was still unhealthy, so we started correction. Since then I’ve moved into WELLNESS CARE and still get adjustments on a consistent basis to maintain my spine.

My care has helped me with the things I love most: walks with my wife and kids, reading, watching sports, PLAYING ROCK AN D ROLL and even traveling. My LIFE is so much better!

I recently had a check-up with my family physician and I haven’t gotten worse! I had an MRI recently and my spine was in the same shape it was five years ago when I injured a disc. (Sadly permanent damage is there forever, Dr. A says that we won’t let it get worse, EVER.)

Spinal health is important to our overall health. Don’t stop, even if you continue to be in pain. Because chiropractic is about your health, not just aches and pains.

Elaine Workman’s Testimonial

I suffered from lower back pain that also caused extreme pain in my left knee. It hurt to sit, stand, walk or lift my left leg! Getting in and out of a car was TORTURE!

I saw my doctor. He sent me to a surgeon. He suggested surgery, but I said “NO!” and I settled for a shot of cortisone in my knee.

My sister had been suggesting I see a chiropractor. One day I noticed Dr. Anderson’s advertisement in the paper. I was desperate for relief, and I thought – “Why not try it?”!

After Dr. Anderson looked at my x-rays, he told me my body would heal itself with regular adjustments. He said the words that sparked HOPE in me for recovery.


I was a Volkswalker and love the outdoors. I also have a granddaughter, Emily, who I was never able to hold for any time at all without pain.

WOW! In six months of assistance from Dr. Anderson, I am pain-free, can easily get in and out of my car and, best of all, I can lift and carry Emily!

Chiropractic works! Dr. Anderson and his staff are so supportive! I am so very, very grateful to have my life back to do the things I love. THANK YOU!