Alice Rodriguez Testimonial

I’ve been plagued with headaches, pain in my lower back and between my shoulders. The problems started at a young age due to various accidents.

I did not realize how serious my situation was until my second car accident. The x-rays were very depressing – long term damage. I had treatments for months until the insurance ran out.

We initially met when Dr. Anderson was handing out flyers at the 6th Ave. Safeway and I couldn’t say no to that cheerful smile.

The whole process was thoroughly explained, there was a new client orientation that I enjoyed and Dr. Anderson gave great progress follow-ups.

I love to read and sitting for too long caused my lower back to hurt, plus chasing my dogs around was difficult. The adjustments improved my ability to do what I love!

Within a few weeks my energy level improved and finally the morning headaches were gone.

Some words of advice? Allow yourself the time to heal. Years of discomfort and loss of mobility are not easily amended and you have to believe you are worth the effort.