For reasons you will soon find out, this testimonial is anonymous.

Today a 58 year old woman who has been under corrective care for a little while said something interesting. “I’ve got a crazy story for you and it probably won’t be good for one of these.” Motioning to a wall of testimonials in room 3. That peaked my curiosity.

Her tale of woe extends back 2 generations with a grandmother that died suffering with colon cancer and continuing through her mother to her. All suffering with digestive issues. For my patient, the biggest issue has been constipation. The type of constipation that a regular person (pun intended) cannot understand. Without intervention, nearly constant constipation for as long as she can remember. Now this young lady is very natural in word and deed. She’s used chiropractic, in hindsight sparingly, for decades, she’s changed her diet, used vinegar and water, rarely if ever using the heavy meds that we’ve created for problems of this proportion. One major intervention that she was forced into by this is surgery to remove hemorrhoids, both external AND internal, in 2003. That helped some of the pain involved, and of course did nothing for the painful, gut wrenching constipation.

More experimentation with diet and supplements caused changes in color, consistency and frequency of elimination, still only changing the problem, not relieving it.

In November, she was referred to our office by her former chiropractor who was no longer convenient. She started the course of corrective care that will allow her spine to function in a stable manner, something that is new to her use of chiropractic.

In February, she and her family took their annual trip to their own personal little jewel in Mexico and while there she suffered with cramping. The cramping was significant, and she’d been there before. As her body worked through the last of its dis-ease and the cramping stopped, she has been wonderfully regular for the past week, what a wonderful life has she got a head of her.