Dr. Seth Anderson, D.C.

Hi, my name is Seth Anderson, D.C.  I’m the chiropractor!  Let me tell you a little bit about myself, our reason for serving in this way and who we see in our office.  I’m a first generation chiropractor originally from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.  My passion for chiropractic started with some simple research, and was seriously solidified by two incidents.  One, I hurt my back!  In college, I was a volleyball player, and work out nut.  One day I developed a painful muscle knot.  Over the next couple days it kept getting worse!  I was afraid that I’d have to drop out of school, or worse, stop playing ball.  A friend of mine brought me to their chiropractor, and over a matter of weeks, I got my life back!  Secondly, Dr. Gerry Clum, the president of Life College of Chiropractic West, told us of his miracle story in chiropractic!  That story took me from a simple back pain doctor, to the deeply rooted, enthusiastic family wellness chiropractor that I am today, in a short matter of minutes.  I’ll tell that story after I ask for his permission.

Our team (which includes me) practices the traditional philosophy of Chiropractic which is subluxation detection and correction.  Simply put, a subluxation is a misaligned vertebrae which interferes with nerve impulses.  Nerve impulse is the electrical impulse from the brain that regulates all function of the body and keeps us alive.

Although, as the traditional University Place Chiropractor, I want patients to ‘feel better’, my primary focus is removing nerve interference (subluxation) and restructuring the spine to it’s most stable biomechanical position.  This is done through a rehabilitation program of adjustments.

The length of correction and frequency of adjustment is determined by the severity of the patient’s subluxations and structural alignment.

Symptoms may be gone long before the spine is at its maximum corrected position so adjustment schedules are kept intense to allow structural correction in the shortest amount of time.

The patient is then closely monitored by postural patterns, X-rays, and spinal readings until the subluxations are corrected and the spine is in its proper alignment.

We will review these before and after studies together, doctor and patient, to actually sees the results.

Since subluxations are silent, and research shows they begin at birth resulting in dysfunction and dis-ease, I, the traditional chiropractor recommend families get checked, especially children.