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Quinnessa_resized_1.jpgWelcome Quinnessa Wyers!  Her mom, Theresa, chose chiropractic care during her pregnancy for two major reasons: 1) To deal with her pain.  She suffered from neck pain and headaches particularly, and 2) Because she heard that chiropractic will help the baby to develop and be born healthy.   Quinessa was born healthy!  

Now for the picture, Quinnessa is the little one in pink, and I'm the smiley guy with the tie on.  This is actually her second adjustment (we were so excited to meet her, we forgot to get a picture the first time), and the reason for this story.  When they came in the first time, mom said that something was wrong.  Her milk wasn't coming in like it should so they were supplementing with formula.  Baby Quinnessa was irritable and fussy and REALLY constipated! 

Her first adjustment was Friday night and the second Tuesday afternoon.  Theresa reported that Quinnessa had a major bowel movement on Friday about a half an hour after her adjustment and ever since has been a regular 2-5 times per day baby! 

Thank you Theresa for honoring us with serving you and your baby, her potential is looking up already!



Adaline's story is amazing, and like most great stories, there was a fork in the road, a decision to be  made.  Kids don't get to make their own choices, so thankfully we had a great team of intelligent, huge hearted folks who used book smarts and experience to help bring her through these difficult choices.

We saw three Chiropractic miracles!

Our Midwives, Dawn Wadleigh and Michelle Hill supported our idea to have our baby at home.  Here's where the fun starts.  Mom's labor wasn't progressing like we all expected, something wasn't clearing, the baby was stuck.  Being a first time Dad, I wasn't thinking horribly clearly in the middle of the night.  So we walked, we soaked in the tub, we did the stairs.  After hours of position changes and all of the natural things we do, a light came on!  Get her adjusted!  Literally minutes after the subluxation in her lower back was detected and corrected progress resumed and we met a squirmy little human in no time at all.  (Miracle #1)

When the baby was delivered, Mom was in the birthing tub.  Dawn brought the little one up out of the water and directly onto Mom's chest, so they could meet officially.  As I sat just behind Mom, the first thing I did this time was check and adjust her spine.  What I found was the Atlas, which is correlated with SIDS in babies, was subluxated (out of place).  A simple, specific, scientific, gentle adjustment there and one other place in her middle back were performed.  Someone said, "Is it a boy or girl?"  Little Adaline had her first adjustment before we even knew if she was a boy or girl! (Miracle #2)

The third miracle came on Monday, when she was three days old.  I came home from the office to find a fussy baby (something we hadn't experienced yet) and a tired Mom.  "She hasn't pooped all day!"  Was the first thing from my wife's mouth.  When I checked Adaline for Subluxations, her neck was PERFECT!  As I proceeded to check the rest of her spine, I got to her lower back and it felt like an elbow sticking out of her lower back!   Another simple, specific, scientific, gentle adjustment was made there.  Guess who got to change that diaper!? (Miracle #3)

How many other miracles are going to happen in that little girl's life in the next 100+ years?  What about your kids?  Grandkids?  Great -Grandkids? 

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "For years I suffered with severe lower back pain, sciatica, and migraines. Looking back, I'm amazed I could take care of my kids. My husband is in the military and I am a stay at home mom, primarily. Through all our moving around I've seen military docs all over. The answer was always the same: PILLS, PILLS, PILLS! One day at the YMCA in Lakewood, I met Dr. Anderson. He had an information table and it seemed like he might be able to help me. Dr. Anderson made things a lot better and always treated me with respect and courtesy. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the staff at Discover Chiropractic!"
    Kelly Moore University Place, WA

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